Kate Middleton Reportedly Doesn't Want Any More Children After the Spare Heir Arrives

Prince William and Kate Middleton

It looks like the British monarchy might just be getting an heir and one spare ... and that's it! Kate Middleton could well be risking her life if she decides to get pregnant a third time, and that’s why the Duchess is allegedly telling friends that enough is enough.

Kate is supposedly having such a hard time dealing with her second pregnancy that she’s ruled out a third baby for good -- no matter what the Royal Palace’s opinion might be on it.


According to Showbiz Spy, Kate is so over and done with her current pregnancy even though she’s only in her first trimester. The poor girl has been suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum for almost two months now, and it doesn’t look like things are getting any better. Could you imagine having the pukes for two straight months? God, I would hate that. It's a good thing though that Prince William is being VERY supportive during this tough time for her. Here’s what a source close to the Duchess said:

Originally, the couple had talked about having lots of kids -- but hadn’t anticipated Kate enduring such a tough time. She was terribly worried Wills would be heartbroken -- be he was touchingly sympathetic! Assuring her he’s happy with Bonnie Prince Georgie and the pending bun, he declared: I never want to see you suffer like this again!

Wait, hold up -- Bonnie Prince George?!?! I had to let that sink in for a moment there, ha!

But seriously, it’s good to see that Prince William is totally backing up Kate with her decision not to get pregnant again. It has to be heartbreaking seeing her suffer like this! While I would love to see the couple have more children, these pregnancies are obviously putting Kate’s health at risk. I’m sure it’s very hard for her to keep any food down and she’s probably feeling very dehydrated all the time. It's hard enough being pregnant, and to be sick just makes things a hundred times worse. Ugh. Oh that poor thing!

Do you think Kate should quit trying to get pregnant as well?

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