Jennifer Lawrence Has Introduced Chris Martin to Her Mom & Is Making Big Plans

Just because they still haven't been photographed together doesn't mean Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin aren't soul mates. Or, maybe not soul mates, but definitely a couple that is planning a future together.

And what's one of the first things you do when you realize you may be going places with the new love in your life? You introduce him to your mom, of course. Rumor has it that JLaw has flown her momma out to Los Angeles to meet her new boyfriend. And yet another rumor suggests there's a big reason for this introduction: Jen and Chris are planning on spending the holidays together. Things have definitely taken a turn for the super serious.


Apparently, JLaw's adorable grandparents are giving interviews to newspapers in which they are sharing the star's love secrets. And the verdict is that mom Karen is just as smitten with Chris as her daughter. Even though Jen is 24 and the Coldplay frontman is 37, they have obviously clicked and seem to value what they have -- something that seems obvious by the way they aren't flaunting their stuff in front of the cameras for publicity.

Adorable grandma even hinted that they're going to need another chair for the dinner table at Christmas.

So, what could this mean? Will Chris and his children join the actress and her family over the holidays? Is grandma just being an eager grandma? I can hear Jen now: "Graaaandmaaaa!! That was SO embarrassing!"

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Note to Gwyneth: if you really want to meet Jen, you may want to act quickly. If her grandparents are telling the truth, JLaw and Chris' lives are about to become even more intertwined.

Do you think it's too soon for Jen to introduce Chris to her mother and invite him over for the holidays?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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