Stefon Returns to 'Saturday Night Live' Giving Weekend Update MUCH Needed Boost (VIDEO)

bill hader stefonBill Hader returned to Saturday Night Live last night this time to host along with musical guest Hozier who sings that song Take Me to Church (loved the performance). This means Stefon was back!! (Kristen Wiig also made a cameo.)

Since Cecily Strong got the boot from Weekend Update, it's felt a little dull. Sorry Michael Che and Colin Jost, maybe you'll soon hit some stride. But with Stefon there, I felt some sparks and as he said to the boys, "Mmm one of each." Thank goodness for Hader's visit.

Lovable Stefon was hilarious even if it was at Dan Cortese's expense. Yeah, that guy. What?! Oh yes, it's a must-see along with the shocking announcement Stefon made about he and husband Seth Meyer.


Everyone's favorite City Correspondent Stefon even dared to called Michael and Colin, Barack and Mitt. Nooooo. And when asked what hubby Seth was up to, Stefon replied that he was practicing how to sit behind a desk. (He's doing a great job, I'd say.)

We get the "scoop" on the "hot" spots to be in NYC and Hader's flawless way of switching up accents to mimic others is perfect. Just the way he said "Jan's New Backpack" made me laugh. It's where dumb folks go in Park Slope looking to get murdered in case you were wondering.  There they will find asbestos, lupus, and Dan Cortese. Ha! I think Stefon was wearing Cortese's shirt.

Stefon ends his segment sharing the BIG news that he and Seth are looking to buy a home and it's because ... he's pregnant! He's going to let us know if he's keeping it or not. Of course we hope he does because that would have to mean some guest spots on Weekend Update to keep up updated. Please!

What did you think of the return of Stefon?


Image via NBC, SNL/Instagram

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