Miley Cyrus Calls Herself a 'Walking Joke' & She Just Might Be On to Something

Miley Cyrus

Couldn’t have said it better? Miley Cyrus opened up in an interview with Australia’s morning show Sunrise recently while on tour Down Under. The "Wrecking Ball" singer also performed in Sydney’s legendary Opera House, which not many people referring to themselves as a "walking joke" get to do.

In an appearance on Sunrise, the co-hosts asked Miley how she manages to remain so "chill" compared to other pop stars.


It turns out -- she doesn't really know any different. "I just kind of grew up in this world, so fame and money, I kind of know what they give you, which isn't a lot ... even though people think it's kind of everything," she admitted.

She also shared an important decision that she made in the not-too-distant past. She said, "I just decided, about a year ago, that my whole life goal was just to be happy all the time."

No word on whether or not that was directly before or after she and Liam Hemsworth officially called it quits. Womp, womp for Liam.

Miley also explained that she feels like she has to be true to herself, regardless of the public perception of her antics. In other words, she stays grounded in her craziness.

"It doesn't really bother me when people tell me I'm crazy, because I am," she explained.

"If I wasn't here [performing], I would think that I would like to do some sort of standup comedy," she continued. "Look at me, I am a walking joke," she said, pointing to her colorful hair and outfit as an example.

Miley is definitely a girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously and has no problem admitting it. To be anything else would be "disingenuine," according to her. "I'm too honest, I'm too myself," she said.

She is definitely something else all right. But really, we can poke fun at Miley's craziness all day long, or tip our hats to her for daring to be a little bit different -- maybe even a little bit crazy. Too many people her age are out trying to be something they're not, trying to live up to an image of something they think they’re supposed to be. Not Miley!

But we do wish she’d keep her tongue in her mouth a little more frequently. Just saying.

Do you think Miley is setting a good example to be true to your own self?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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