Lance Bass Hints That 'N Sync Will Reunite At His Wedding

'N SyncWe've been wondering if 'N Sync would perform at Lance Bass' wedding to model Michael Turchin ever since he popped the question over a year ago. The former boy band member has finally opened up about some of his wedding details, including whether or not Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick will make an appearance.

The ceremony is set for early 2015, and rumor is not only will it be filmed for an E! special, but also our favorite 90s boy band (sorry Backstreet Boys) will be reuniting. Of course, it may just be for the wedding, but our hopes are still higher than high, as Lance teased some "secret performances" in the works for the big day.


E! News caught up with Lance at the 6th Annual Club TACORI Event in Los Angeles, and asked him if there was going to be an 'N Sync reunion at his fast-approaching nuptials.

"Well if you count if the 'N Sync guys will be there, then YES, they will be there," he confirmed. Let's hope none of them have to skip out for any reason, as Lance recently joked to ABC News that they "better be there, if not I'll kick their ass."

While he wouldn't confirm-confirm that 'N Sync would be putting on a show at the wedding, he did tease "tons of amazing, secret performances." Come on, that has to be 'N Sync, right? Why not? Just hand out the mics after a round or two of drinks, and magic is bound to happen!

Regardless of whether or not the guys put on a show, at least they made the guest list! Apparently it's been really hard for the celeb couple to narrow it down. They recently had to cut their list in half, from 600 to 300 invitees.

"It's so hard, we're still getting it down," Bass dished. "I've already had people emailing me really upset that they didn't get an invite, and no one has gotten an invite yet. There's going to be a lot of drama with this list, that's for sure."

That part of wedding planning is never fun, for sure. But hey, at least they'll be able to catch the televised special like the rest of us commonfolk, right?

Do you think 'N Sync will perform at Lance Bass' wedding?


Image via Lance Bass/Instagram

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