Jennifer Lopez 'Steals' Lena Dunham's New Book (VIDEO)

jennifer lopezWe know that Lena Dunham is friends with Taylor Swift who is also friends with Lorde. Taylor credits Lena for teaching her about feminism; and Lorde and Taylor (not the store) danced to most of the performers at the VMAs together. BFFs. The young crowd. Let's add Jennifer Lopez in the mix. Wait. What?

Sure J. Lo is in the more seasoned group, but that hasn't stopped her from being in-the-know and down with the hip. Golly, that makes me sound old. But get this: J. Lo is a huge supporter of Lena, too. And even stole her new book Not That Kind of Girl from her trainer.


I'm gonna lose my job over this brilliant book @lenadunham @jlo #jlotookmybook #backtowork #notthatkindofgirl

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First we have to get the discussion of Jennifer Lopez's abs out of the way. Oh my goodness. This woman is rock solid! Trainer Tracy Anderson is clearly doing her job even when she's not doing her job and reading Dunham's book. 

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Sure this video is staged and we have two women breaking a sweat, pumping up the six-pack, and supporting the one, the only Lena Dunham. But it doesn't matter. The message is there. Women supporting women -- it's a beautiful thing. I love Tracy's caption on the video: "I'm gonna lose my job over this brilliant book @lenadunham @jlo #jlotookmybook #backtowork #notthatkindofgirl."

#jlotookmybook! I bet she did. I can't wait to read it either.

Lena thanked the two ladies and tweeted: "Oh hey @TracyAnderson @JLo you are the pep squad of my dreams <3."

So now we have Lena friends with Taylor friends with Lorde friends with J. Lo. Can we please have a dinner party where they are all in attendance?

What do you think of Lopez's support for Lena's book? Are you interested in reading it, too?


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