Jessica & Ashlee Simpson Attempt to Look Like Twins (PHOTO)

jessica simpsonI have to be honest here and point out that Jessica and Ashlee Simpson don't look alike. Sure, they are sisters, but that doesn't mean they are replicas of each other nor do they have to have similar features. In fact, if we are being super honest we have to point out that at least one Simpson sister has had some work done so the family features have been somewhat erased. I'm not judging -- just stating the truth. Both ladies, however, are beautiful no matter what or if or how much whatever they have had done.

Their most recent sister selfie, however, has me believing they are doing a bit of twinning -- where they are matching the hair, the lips, the sunglasses, the skin.


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The Simpson ladies were at the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta for an event. Their hair is the exact same color blonde. Impressive. Their skin is flawless and the exact same shade. Is that makeup? Do tell, Simpson beauties because you both look marvelous. And even their noses are similar. (Ahem.)

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Those black big rimmed sunglasses -- they both have them, though different in shape. And those lips ... sure the lipstick is different but the shape is very similar. Has Jess had some lip stuff done? Who knows and who cares. I think if we didn't see a bit of tooth, her lip shape is very much like Ashlee. But let's talk about that hair again. Do they go to the same hairdresser who mixes that blonde at the same time? Because the color is spot on. Even the roots are the same. The Simpson sisters seem to not only be super close and best friends, but they like to look the same, too. Twins? Almost.

What do you think of these two looking the same?


Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

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