Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo Share Weird Thing They Do In Their Kitchen (PHOTO)

adam levine behati prinslooAdam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are at it again. They are showing us just how close and how in love and how perfect perfect their union is. We should all aspire to be as sexy and sensual and totally connected as these two. Their latest "look at us" stunt takes place in their kitchen. Yeah. Kitchen. The two are just goofing around, being normal, whatever "normal" means to Adam and Behati. And that means striking yoga poses and then doing some kind of weird planking.

Confused? Don't worry. You won't be soon enough. Perhaps this is damage control for the stalker video for Animals in which a creepy Adam  follows around Behati until she has sex with him while blood rains down on them. Yep. This most certainly is damage control because it's so ridiculously cute and innocent seeing this picture will make you squee as if looking at a fuzzball kitten.


See? Aren't they the cutest, most fun-loving couple imaginable? Weird. But adorable. Even their dog is all fuzzy and sugary-sweet looking.


Stuff that happens after sunset. @adamlevine ��

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As Behati points out, this is just stuff that happens after sunset. I can't help but wonder who took the photo. And where did Behati gets those awesome boots? And what does it feel like to have your hands in Adam Levine's pockets!? (Sorry, Behati. I just wonder!)

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Adam certainly seems like a sweeter man since falling in love with Behati. I love that playfulness they have, that lust for life and love, and how utterly ridiculously beautiful these two are. Heck, it makes me not even mind the lovey-dovey yoga planking they do in their kitchen or their creepy bloody lovemaking video. These are the times to remember -- the newlywed times, where everything they do becomes the foundation for what we all hope is a long marriage. Keep being kooky, kids.

What do you think of Behati and Adam's very public displays of playfulness and love?


Image via Behati Prinsloo/Instagram

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