'Survivor's Remorse' Tackles Extreme Spanking In Heart-Wrenching Episode

survivor's remorseAthletes are under the microscope just like movie stars are -- sometimes their every move is scrutinized as well as everyone in their family. And a new show on Starz called Survivor's Remorse depicts just that -- it follows the life of Cam Calloway, a pro-basketball player who was just signed a multi-million dollar contract. He and his family are thrust into the spotlight and how they deal with the attention isn't always the best. Tonight's episode is proof of that and tackles a very serious topic: whooping a child.

During the episode, Cam's mom boastfully describes how she hit her son. The scene will make many of you cringe, and no doubt bring up thoughts of Adrian Peterson. 


In real life, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson admitted to "whooping" his 4-year-old child. The son was reportedly hit with a tree branch and had cuts and bruises on his legs, back, and hands. Another son of Peterson's died a year ago when he was just 2-year-old after being abused by the child's mother's boyfriend. It's all so tragic. Senseless. Many people believe in corporal punishment. It's clear some take the "practice" too far.

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This episode of Survivor's Remorse shows Cam's mother Cassie being interviewed during an event to raise money for a child who was abused. It's clear Cassie isn't aware of the purpose of the gala since she describes how whooping her son made him the good man that he is today. Though she says she hasn't spanked him since he turned 2, she says how she "whopped him; whopped him good." She used the belt, a spoon, hot wheels tracks and was smiling as she told the horrified reporter of how she disciplined Cam. She told her how it's not easy to be a mother and to be a good mother you have to mix the "hurt with the hugs." She assures the reporter that Cam is fine; he is better than fine.

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I do not believe in spanking -- not a tap, and certainly not with a belt. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that spanking a child does not work. It causes a child to have fear and more aggression; it could cause depression and other mental health issues. These issues may continue to develop as the child grows and becomes an adult.

The most heart-wrenching part of this episode is when Cam is stopped by a dad and his son. They are fans of his, excited to see him on the street. The dad was. The son, who looked to be around 5 years old, was sad. His dad had spanked him for the first time because he saw Cassie speak out about how she spanked Cam. And since Cam is so beloved and admired, this father thought this was the best way to raise his son. Cam's face showed how he wished his mother never spoke those words. How he wishes this boy wasn't spanked like he was. Cam tried to tell the man that wasn't the best way, but the father seemed so happy with his decision and so happy to see Cam it didn't matter.

It's such an important issue to discuss. Children are being abused behind closed doors and parents believe it's okay, that it's the right thing to do. Children die this way when a parent takes the punishment too far.

Cam and his cousin try to talk sense into Cam's mom, they tell her that she has to make a statement how hitting Cam all those years ago was wrong. It's all bad for their image. It's not good press. She dosn't want to. They tell her they will pay her, that Oprah called and wants to do a show on it. And that's when we see her in tears, at a podium, denouncing spanking. She said:

Please don't whoop your kids. Not with your hand or Hot Wheels track or an extension cord. I thought it was my right, but it is nobody's right to do a wrong, not even a parent.

But it was all a lie. She doesn't seem to believe a word she said -- she said it for the money, the tears were for show, for good TV. She tells Cam's cousin she wants $100,000 for it.

While I wanted her to see the error of her ways, she doesn't. Still, if this was real life, she did tell the world that corporal punishment was wrong, and since the world listens to celebrities and athletes and their families, maybe it would do some good, make people realize it's wrong, it's abuse. The episode itself will make people think. Maybe think twice about spanking their child.

Do you believe in spanking? What did you think of this episode?


Image via Survivor's Remorse/Starz

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