Jill Zarin & Bethenny Frankel BOTH Returning to 'RHONY'? Look Out!

Bethenny Frankel

When rumors started swirling that Bethenny Frankel was returning to The Real Housewives of New York for the next season, it was like angels sang in the heavens and every meal I ate was chocolate chip cookies and pizza! That is how great my joy was. But now a second item of RHONY gossip has emerged and tried to slap said pizza and cookies out of my hands while the angels looked on weeping: Bethenny reportedly is refusing to come back to the show if it means sharing a screen with Jill Zarin.

Boo! Dumb! If this rumor is true, The Becca (who is me) will be vastly displeased. You know who else would be bummed if this were true? Jill Zarin! I guarantee you that after her meeting with Bravo, the old broad went home, donned a marabou accented robe, and began singing "feels like oooold tiiiimes," so great was her excitement. If it was true that Bethenny doesn't want to interact with Jill, I feel like it would break her loud little heart. Good thing this rumor has got to be garbage. 


Here's the thing, Bethenny and Jill are many things, but stupid is not an attribute that either woman wears well. They both know that appearing together on RHONY would bolster their star-power immensely. Bethenny might want to pretend that she's beyond the Housewives world, but let's call it like it is -- if she was willing to take the meeting at all, she had to know that meeting up and working with Jill was bound to be on the table. It would be a major ratings boom.

Bethenny and Jill reunited is such a juicy prospect that it's already making waves in the fan community. I mean, look, we don't even know if it's a done deal, and here I am speculating about the possible fallout from the terrible twosome meeting up again. I doubt highly that Bethenny is "refusing" to join the show if Jill does. This all just smells like a major ploy to start driving interest in the new season after the disaster that was this year's go-round.

What would you like to see happen between Bethenny and Jill?


Image via BethennyFrankel/Instagram 

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