[UPDATED] Amanda Bynes' Latest Behavior Is Most Shocking of All

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes has accused her father of molestation. The star has been clearly beginning to melt down in the past week or so, and it culminated with her being tossed out of a Barneys department store for trying to steal a hat. Right before that, she was caught on video camera dancing around a New York City boutique, twerking on her bodyguard, and otherwise acting very strangely.

Now Amanda is letting loose on Twitter (Amanda and Twitter are always a very bad combination), accusing her father of the unspeakable.


Amanda wrote a series of tweets accusing her father of acting "incestual" toward her, saying he was "verbally and physically abuse [sic]" to her, that he called her "ugly" and asked if she wanted to "have sex" with him, and saying that he "fondled" himself in front of her. She tweeted:

She then blames her mother for allowing it to happen, saying:

These are extremely serious accusations and all the more heartbreaking since it was her parents who took care of her after she was released from the psychiatric facility. They are also reportedly trying to find her right now after she fled New York City upon hearing they were coming to the city to try and get her help.

She claims she is getting a restraining order against her father and says:

She was also caught on videocam acting extremely strangely in a store, taking off her shirt in front of customers, walking around with just her bra on, and telling a woman in the store that she looked "old" and wants to get more plastic surgery.

This is all really heartbreaking, as it has seemed she had come to a good place in her life. But if she is mentally ill, this isn't just something that goes away overnight.

As for her accusations about her father, no one knows if these are remotely true or not, given her history in a psychiatric facility and her pattern of disjointed and often nonsensical tweets. But no one wants to automatically discount anyone's claims of molestation either.

Let's hope she gets help, either with or without her parents, before something really bad happens.

Amanda's parents have denied the allegations through their lawyer and say they are "heartbroken by these false accusations."

Update: Amanda has recanted the accusations against her father -- unfortunately, the recant sounds just as disturbed as the accusations were. Amanda said on Twitter that the "microchip" in her brain made her say her father molested her. She then blamed the microchip on her father.


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