9 Celebrities Who Went Broke (PHOTOS)

courtney loveMost of us mere mortals can't imagine receiving some of the amazing checks that celebrities receive. Their "just another day" paychecks could change some of our lives forever. That said, it seems that some celebrities are either unable or unwilling to keep track of their finances and end up in the poorhouse after letting millions slip through their hands. How sad to work so hard for years, in some cases, only to end up back where you started. But at the same time, it's hard to feel bad for some celebs who make $30,000 shopping sprees a way of life.


  • Lindsey Lohan


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    Lohan's legal troubles have been widely reported, but her struggles to pay the IRS had her owing over $200,000. Actor Charlie Sheen gave her $100,000 but even into 2014 it's been reported that her cards were being declined for even reasonably small purchases.

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  • Joe and Teresa Giudice


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    The Giudices are headed to jail for fraud related to filling out loan forms using false information and a myriad of other offenses designed to keep them in that "Real Housewives" lifestyle. They tried to file for bankruptcy before heading for jail, but their bankruptcy was denied and they still owe over $13 million. 

  • Toni Braxton


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    Toni Braxton filed for bankruptcy twice - the first time in 2010 for a whopping $50 million in erasable debt. She then filed again in 2013. The star of "Braxton Family Values" apparently could then afford a new house in California that cost a mere $3 million in an exclusive gated community. Must be nice. 

  • Courtney Love


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    Being the widow of an iconic rock star like Kurt Cobain should have kept Courtney Love rolling in the dough for years. Instead, Love burned through $27 million worth of Nirvana money paying off lawsuits. She said she is financially solvent now and makes enough to live on.

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  • Cyndi Lauper


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    The popular singer didn't squander a fortune, but was instead sued by the manager of her former band, "The Blue Angels," for $80,000. She filed for bankruptcy in 1981, worked to pay off the bills and then hit it big with her solo career in 1983. Perhaps this experience is what has kept her financially straight for all of these years.

  • Drake Bell


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    If you have kids who like Nickelodeon, then you likely know who Drake Bell of Drake and Josh is. Drake filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and reportedly is having trouble living off of about $3000 a month. Someone should have taken a consumer ed class before heading into the entertainment world. There is also a rumor he is living at Disneyland.

  • Brady Williams


    The star of "My Five Wives," had $318,000 in debt excused but gets to keep his wedding ring (he only has one?), his five wives and his 24 children. While he can, I assume, marry at will, he has to wait eight years to file bankruptcy again.

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  • Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag


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    Gulping down $4000 bottles of wine and going on $30,000 shopping sprees will definitely dwindle a bank account. Admittedly spending way beyond their means, the couple deeply regrets their behavior since the shows stopped filming and the money ran out. More likely, that's the only reason they regret it.

  • Kim Basinger

heidi montag lindsay lohan

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