Demi Moore Stuns at First Event Since Ashton Kutcher's Daughter Was Born

Demi Moore

Breakups are rough and divorce is even tougher -- especially if you're much older than your husband, and he leaves you for a younger woman. And your husband before that is off playing Family Man Part 2. And your much younger ex-husband got his new girlfriend pregnant before your divorce was even final. And that baby was born just last week.

But to look at Demi Moore on the red carpet on Wednesday, October 8, you'd have no idea what she's been through in the past few years. The 51-year-old stunner was all smiles and flawless skin at the PSLA Autumn party and didn't look like she had a care in the world other than to enjoy herself immensely.


Her ex-husbands may be all about the babies right now (Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming-Willis welcomed their second daughter together last May, and of course Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are busy doting over 1-week-old baby Wyatt Isabelle), but this mom of three grown girls herself didn't look like any of that bothered her a bit.

Let them change diapers, I can imagine her saying in her head. Here's a head-to-toe view of Demi.

Demi Moore

I can't even stand how happy she looks. And not that fake happy, the forced smile that you put on to try to prove to yourself and the world that you're OK. Just ... relaxed and easy happy, complete with a Donna Karan cocktail dress and a plunging neckline.

This should be the goal for all divorcees upon learning that their exes have had new babies ... Oh, what's that? Sorry, I couldn't be bothered to care too much because I was too busy being fabulous.

Do you think Demi looks 51 here?


Image via Splash News

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