10 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up But Are Still Good Friends (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Oct 15, 2014 Celebrities

Most of us are lucky enough to never have to run into our exes again once we make a clean break. Not so for celebs, who continue to be cast in movies alongside their former lovers or run into them at award shows or one of the five restaurants they always seem to frequent in Los Angeles.

But some celeb couples are so mature, so super-cool, that they needn't worry about such possibilities -- because they've managed to stay BFFs with their exes. Here are 10 former celebrity couples who remained really good friends after the fireworks fizzled.

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  • Kris and Bruce Jenner


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    Kris and Bruce Jenner lived apart for more than a year before they filed for divorce. But in that time, both had nothing but nice things to say about one another. They never had a prenup and didn't even hire lawyers to handle their business -- opting instead to split everything down the middle. They even hung out together and went sightseeing in Paris before Kim's wedding. Kris may love drama in her life, but these two are as cool as cucumbers.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin


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    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's split became the stuff of legend, all because of two words: "conscious uncoupling." So far, they have proven themselves to be model divorced parents. They speak well of each other -- or, even better, say nothing at all. They attend each other's birthday parties and take the kids places together. And Gwyneth is even open to meeting Chris Martin's new girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence. Hate Gwyn if you must, but this is one area she has mastered.

  • Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz


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    Remember when Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz were married? I know, it seems like ages ago. But the two were totally attached at the hip and became the proud parents of a boy named Bronx. After three years of marriage, the two called it quits in 2011, but still continue to reunite -- along with their new significant others -- to attend events for Bronx.

  • Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe


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    When Reese Witherspoon had legal troubles after she and husband Jim Toth were arrested for disorderly conduct and driving under the influence, her ex Ryan Phillippe swept in and took control of their two kids so they wouldn't be affected by it. After their seven-year marriage, which ended in 2006, Reese and Ryan remain amicable and have even hung out together with Toth.

  • Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton


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    Once upon a time, Angelina Jolie and her then-hubby Billy Bob Thornton had sex in limos on their way to award shows. She wore a vial of his blood around her neck. Their relationship was hot, steamy, goth -- and short-lived. Of course, Angie is now happily married to Brad Pitt and the two are raising six kids. But that hasn't stopped Billy Bob from sharing the news that he and his ex are still a part of each other's lives. The actor called his former love "amazing" and said they check in on each other all of the time.

  • Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr


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    Orlando Bloom very famously got into a row with Justin Bieber recently -- and rumor has it he fought the mouthy pop singer while defending the honor of his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, who is also the mother of their son, Flynn. The couple split after three years of marriage but are often spotted out and about with their child -- and have even been seen exchanging very friendly kisses on the street.

  • Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie


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    Is Hilary Duff separated from her hockey-playing husband Mike Comrie or are they still together? No one can be quite sure since these two -- who have a 2-year-old son named Lucas -- always look beyond thrilled to be in each other's company. Even Hilary admitted recently that she and Comrie really care about each other and "we're just really laid-back and we're like well whatever happens, happens."

  • Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake


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    Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake proved they are not only capable of being good friends years after they dated, but that they are also mature enough to work together and make one heck of a funny film (Bad Teacher, for anyone who hasn't seen it). Cameron, who says she has remained on good terms with all of her exes -- god bless her -- had nothing but praise for Justin, whom she called "a genius comedian."

  • Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas


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    Singers Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas dated for a few months after they starred together in Camp Rock 2. Despite Joe's silly mistake of mentioning Demi in a revealing essay he wrote for New York Magazine, the pop star not only forgave him, she says she considers them family. The two are such good buddies that they regularly appear in concert with one another to sing duets.

  • Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher


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    Ashton Kutcher's marriage to Demi Moore didn't end well. After eight years as husband and wife, he reportedly cheated on the actress with a college student -- and then rumor has it she blamed their split on the fact that they tried for years to have a baby together but were unsuccessful. With all that behind them, the two have remained amicable and seem to have a lot of respect for one another. When Mila Kunis became pregnant, Demi was one of the first people Ashton told. Things are so cool now that Demi even attended Ashton and Mila's Kabbalah baby blessing for little Wyatt.

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