Taylor Swift's New Single 'Out of the Woods' Is Probably About Harry Styles

Taylor Swift

Have you heard the good news? Taylor Swift's latest ear worm from her new album 1989 is going to be released in just five short days. The song is called "Out of the Woods," and if Internet speculation is to be believed, it's about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Harry Styles.

Tay Tay posted a picture of a path in the woods to Instagram on Thursday, overlaid with the words "5 days" and "woods" along with a little heart, because she wouldn't be Taylor Swift if she didn't add a little heart.



5 days. #1989

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Predictably, fans went berserk over the announcement. They've been rabidly eagerly awaiting "Out of the Woods" since Swift's interview in the September 25 edition of Rolling Stone. She called the song a "frantic tale of a relationship" that was an everyday struggle.

"Forget making plans for life. We were just trying to make it to next week," she dished.

Swifties are convinced she penned the lyrics about Harry Styles, as well as a few other tracks on the album, including "Style," "I Wish You Would," and "All You Had to Do Was Stay."

Anyway, the song makes mention of an emergency room trip after a snowmobile accident with an ex (Harry?) and includes the lyrics, "Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/Twenty stitches in a hospital room." Taylor was evidently not hurt in the accident.

So much for not writing about exes in her music anymore.

Well whoever it's about (or not about), it's basically guaranteed to be awesome. A fan who attended Taylor's 1989 listening party at her house tweeted:

AND -- Jack Antonoff, who co-wrote the song (and who also happens to be Lena Dunham's boyfriend in case you're paying attention), tweeted this about a month ago:

Most. Important. Most important. This song is going to change history, y'all.

Do you think Taylor Swift's new song is being over-hyped?


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