Melissa Gorga Breaks Silence on Teresa Giudice's Prison Sentence

melissa gorga

About a week after Teresa and Joe Giudice received their prison sentences, Teresa's sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, has broken her silence on the family drama. In an extremely short, to-the-point post on her Bravo blog, Gorga wrote, "Obviously this has been a very tough week. We are heartbroken for our family and especially those four sweet girls. Pray for them. No matter how you feel, I hope everyone is wishing their family strength and faith."

The post is an incredibly classy way to address the gigantic elephant in the room while expressing her sadness and keeping it short, sweet, and "undramatic." But still. It's hard not to wonder what Teresa thinks of Melissa's message. If there's one thing we've learned so far this season on Real Housewives of New Jersey, it's that Teresa isn't a fan of people asking, talking, or wondering about her business.


The ladies more or less write blog posts every few weeks, assumingly because they're required to. So, my guess is that instead of completely ignoring Teresa's prison sentence and writing something totally unrelated and vapid-sounding, Melissa decided to quickly talk about it and move on. Personally, I think it was 100 percent the right way to go, but it wouldn't be a total shock if Teresa was irritated that Melissa even brought it up. Remember how irritated she was getting when people were asking about her upcoming sentence a few episodes ago on RHONJ? The only one who didn't mention anything to Teresa was Dina Manzo, and Tre seemed incredibly grateful for that.

The silver lining of this sad situation, though, is the Giudices' legal problems have brought Teresa and Joe and Melissa and Joe all closer together. Melissa and Teresa couldn't stand each other last season, so it's nice to see the two women getting along, and Melissa saying supportive, kind words about her sis-in-law. It has to be a big relief for Teresa to be able to head off to prison, knowing that her children have the support of her entire family when she's not there to care for them.

But still. I could see her being an eensy bit annoyed.

What do you think of Melissa's blog post? Do you think Teresa minded it?


Image via Melissa Gorga/Instagram

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