Kanye West's Unusual Gift for North West Is Totally Inappropriate

Kanye West North West

I know he legitimately believes his family is royalty and all, but would you believe that according to Hollywood Life, Kanye West is designing a diamond ring for North West -- to be worn on her wedding ring finger?!?

Apparently he "wants to be the first man to put a ring on her finger," which is why he isn't wasting any time in making sure his daughter has a piece of bling fit for the little princess that she is.

And wait until you hear just how elaborate this thing sounds. Seriously, Kim Kardashian might even be a little envious.


A source claims, "He [Kanye] says it's going to be princess cut with her name engraved in the band and will have the biggest diamond on it that she can possibly carry on her little finger."

And even though he'll apparently wait a little while to outfit Nori with her new rock, it sounds like it will make an appearance on her finger while she's still fairly young. We can probably expect to see it in the next year or two (if I had to hazard a guess).

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Ok, so on the one hand, the whole idea of Kanye giving Nori a ring is kind of sweet, and it definitely shows just how much he adores her.

But by the same token, who in their right mind lets their toddler walk around with a diamond on her hand? I mean, it's one thing to put a tiny little child's piece of jewelry on her finger, but a full-blown custom rock? Um, what if she loses it? Or scratches her angelic little face with it? Or ... who knows?!?

While this gesture no doubt comes with the best intentions, it's probably best for Kanye to wait until Nori is, say, at least 8 or 9 years old before outfitting her with a sparkler most 20-somethings would die for. 

I know she's a famous kid and all, but it's going to take a few years before she actually figures that out. At this point, she'd probably be annoyed by having something odd weighing down her left hand versus being totally impressed.

Do you think a diamond is inappropriate for a toddler?


Image via Oraito/Splash News

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