Moment Jay Z Realizes He's Not As Famous As He Thinks Caught Hilariously on Camera (VIDEO)

Jay Z BeyonceBelieve it or not, there are still pockets in the civilized world where people have no idea who Jay Z and Beyonce are. I know. Crazy, right? So crazy that Jay Z himself can't believe it.

As Hova and his equally-if-not-more-so world famous wife, Beyonce (holding the also-famous Blue Ivy), entered the Louvre Museum in Paris, a bystander, who was alerted that the pair must be something special judging by the bodyguard and small entourage, had the temerity to blurt, "Who is he?" As you'll see, Jay Z was pretty surprised by this.


The rapper, dressed in a silver spacesuit jacket, whipped around, stunned by the audacity of the question, and fired back, "Who are you?" You have to hear the guy's answer. Check it out:


Hahaha. The man actually gave his name, which sounds like he says, "Me, Paul." Poor Paul thought Jay Z really wanted to know. He probably stood there for awhile, totally downcast, wondering why the strange spaceman didn't come over and kiss him on the cheek, Frenchman-style.

Don't worry, Jay. You're not the only star who is a complete nobody in Paris. People are also clueless about your pal, Kanye. Check out this video.


Kanye seems even less happy than Jay Z that the woman had no inkling who he was.

Get over it, fellas. It's a big world and not every single person can be expected to know who you are. Take heart, here's a woman who doesn't know who boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is, and yet she claims she watches "the big fights"!

Has anyone ever not known who you are?


Image via beyonce/Instagram

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