Kim Kardashian's 'Emotional Collapse' Is Destroying More Than Her Marriage

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Hmm. This very well might be just another crazy rumor, but if a report about Kim Kardashian suffering an "emotional collapse" is true, she probably needs to consider making some serious changes in her life.

Even though she paints a picture of things being all rosy between her and Kanye West, numerous claims have surfaced over the past few months insisting that their happy union is anything but blissful.

And now, according to the Enquirer, Kim is so stressed out by her marriage that her hair is even falling out.

(OMG. That's not good.)


A source says, "Kanye is a control freak and it's ripping her apart. She's caught between him, her mom, and her sisters."

Oh, and apparently Kim being on a strict diet in the hopes of losing even more weight isn't helping matters either.

(Huh. Couldn't that be a factor with the hair loss problem too?)

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I know we should probably take this rumor with a grain of salt, considering the source, but still -- it's not entirely impossible to believe that Kim is on the verge of having a total breakdown. 

For starters, she and Kanye have been married since May, and they still haven't settled into their own home together. Sure, traveling the globe and shacking up with Kris Jenner has to be all sorts of entertaining, but how are they ever going to solidify their marriage if they don't plant some roots?

And another thing, doesn't it seem like Kim is having an identity crisis of sorts these days? It's like she can't seem to separate herself from her famous family and/or Kanye, so it's almost as if her independence has totally disappeared. She strikes me as the type who needs to feel like she's in control -- that can't bode well for her emotional state either.

Poor Kim. Maybe she ought to just take a break from the spotlight for a while and go to a spa or something to collect her thoughts and get her life back on track. The last thing she needs is to wake up one day and realize she doesn't even know who she is anymore ... other than Kanye West's wife.

Do you think Kanye has been a bad influence on Kim?


Image via KCS Presse/Splash News

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