Lamar Odom Has Shady Reasons for Wanting Khloe Kardashian Back

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When I first heard the rumors that Lamar really wanted Khloe Kardashian back, I wasn't sure what to believe. Sure, it was possible, but after all the horrible things he did to her -- cheating on her; making a crude rap about cheating on her; ugh, accusing her of stealing -- I thought it was a little crazy. But I officially believe the gossip now, as it sounds like the basketball player doesn't just want Khloe back, Lamar wants his reality TV fame back. Ahhh ... it's all making sense now.


According to a source, Lamar wants both Khloe and the (famous) life they shared together back. "He'd do anything for her. Anything," the insider said. "He'd love to do their Khloe & Lamar reality show again now that he has the time. He wants that. He wants that for many reasons."

Wait a minute, hold up. Now that he has time? Oy. That's a terrible mentality to have when you're trying to win someone back -- but can't say it's all that shocking coming from Lamar, as he was incredibly selfish when he was married to Khloe.

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When Khloe and Lamar were together, there's no denying that they were very cute. Before we knew what Lamar was really about, it was a delight to watch their over-the-top PDA-filled relationship on camera -- and they seemed genuine. But now that we know what's gone on -- now that Khloe knows what's gone on -- how could we ever watch them on television again? Khloe seems like a smart girl, but there's a small part of me that's wondering if she will, in fact, wind up taking him back. (Please don't do it!)

She seems to be staying strong right now, what with focusing on the gym and her health, so let's hope that's the case for a while. I love Khloe, but she would be a fool to take Lamar back -- especially when he's let it be known that he wants to go back on reality TV. Ew. No.

Do you think Khloe and Lamar will ever get back together?


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