Jana Duggar Still Isn't Dating at 24: 10 Reasons Why

Jana Duggar

This season on 19 Kids and Counting, it seems like everything is revolving around Jill Duggar's and Jessa Duggar's romances. Jill is wedding planning in the most recent episodes (although we know she tied the knot with Derick Dillard last June and is now expecting a little one), and Jessa's courtship with Ben Seewald is progressing smoothly.

But what about their big sister Jana Duggar? The Duggars are a very traditional family, so shouldn't it stand to reason that they'd try to get their eldest daughter married off first?


While a single 24-year-old is hardly an old maid by anyone's standards, the fact that the eldest Duggar daughter has never (to the public's knowledge) entered into any sort of courtship while two of her younger sisters have wedding bells in their eyes could be considered ... unusual.

Especially when you consider how gorgeous Jana is, her super sweet temperament and endless patience for her younger sibs, her strong faith and adherence to her values ... I mean, this girl is a catch! So what's going on here?

Here are 10 reasons Jana Duggar still isn't dating at 24, according to observation, speculation, and Internet rumors.

  1. She's being required to serve her younger sisters. This rumor comes from a recent episode where Jill asked Jana to make major alterations to nine bridesmaids dresses, because she's the "seamstress of the family." I don't really think that's the case here -- I really think Jana was just trying to be nice. Besides, maybe that was her wedding gift to her sister?
  2. She's a secret lesbian. No really. People are wondering about Jana's sexual orientation. No one tell Jim Bob -- he's likely to keel over. Hey, maybe she is ... but I sort of doubt it. She seems genuinely interested in finding someone male, the few times she's been asked about it on the show.
  3. She's more interested in a career than marriage. Jana is a trained midwife. Perhaps she wants to be a career woman before embarking on (and maybe in addition to?) wife-dom and motherhood.
  4. She's rejecting Jim Bob and Michelle's choices of potential suitors. It's no secret that JB and his 19-baby mama seem to hand select their children's future mates. It's quite possible that Jana has just turned them all down, and her family has respected her decisions.
  5. She is in a courtship but has decided to keep it on the DL. After all the attention that her sisters Jill and Jessa have received over their romances, it could be that Jana actually is in the same love boat, but out of respect for her shyness privacy, everyone is keeping it hush-hush.
  6. She's aiming to run away. The Duggar lifestyle isn't for everyone, maybe not even for those raised in it. Maybe she's not running away, per se, but there has been some speculation that the eldest Duggar daughter wants to embark on her own path.
  7. She's a twin. With 18 siblings, maybe some of the older ones are eager to have an extra special relationship in their lives and achieve it with a spouse. Jana may be in no rush because she already has a close bond with her twin, John David. Please note, nothing inappropriate is implied here -- it's common knowledge that twins, even boy-girl twins, tend to share a relationship understood by few "outsiders."
  8. She's taken the opposite Godly path of her parents. Jim Bob and Michelle have embraced the "quiverfull" approach, which basically means "be fruitful and multiply." Maybe Jana wants to embark on a path of celibacy, like the apostle Paul recommended.
  9. She doesn't want kids. Let's face it -- the Duggar girls are basically expected to get married and pop out babies. Some fans suspect that, as the eldest daughter, Jana is already fatigued with raising children, and the idea of having any more just doesn't interest her.
  10. She just hasn't found The One. She's demure, generous, kind, and drop dead gorgeous. Jana can have her pick. Maybe she's just waiting for the right one instead of following the preconceived notion that getting married sooner rather than later is always the best choice.

Why do you think Jana Duggar is still single?


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