Kendall Jenner to Blame for Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez' Breakup

Kendall Jenner & Justin Bieber

Even though they've broken up and gotten back together like 10,000 times, it looks as though this truly might be the end of their relationship for good. Supposedly Kendall Jenner's secret liaisons with Justin Bieber were the straw that broke the camel's back for Selena Gomez, leading her to call it quits with him once and for all. (Or at least we hope so.)

On Justin's recent trip to Paris, he apparently told Selena that he was going out to dinner with his security team, but was planning on meeting her afterwards at a Fashion Week party.


But as you can probably guess, the Biebs shared a meal with Kendall Jenner instead, which led to Selena going "crazy," even changing her flight arrangements so she could skip town and head back to LA a couple days early.

And in the midst of her hasty exit from France, she told Justin they were done and the rest is history and it's all Kendall's fault!

(Gah. Can't she do anything right?)

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While we can't be sure whether or not Selena and Justin's latest tiff will blow over, if Kendall really is responsible for breaking them up, shouldn't she be at least a little bit ashamed of herself?

It's no secret that Jelena is (or was) a major thing, so shouldn't she have known better than to hang out with him behind Selena's back in the hopes that no one would ever find out? I mean, the two of them used to be all buddy-buddy, so even if their friendship fizzled out, it still isn't right for her to shamelessly steal another woman's man right out from under her nose.

Then again, maybe that's not what she was trying to do at all? Maybe Selena is just overreacting and the Biebs and Kendall are nothing more than really good pals? 

(Snort. I'm not buying that one either.)

Something tells me that at some point down the road, there's a fairly decent chance Jelena will kiss and make up. (That's kinda their thing.) But as far as Kendall is concerned, she'd better hope her path doesn't cross with Selena's once they're both back in LA, otherwise all hell is going to break loose for sure.

Do you think Kendall is a better match for Justin than Selena?


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