Kylie Jenner's Latest Photo Absolutely Proves Her Lips Aren't Real (PHOTO)

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner is still drawing attention for her face -- and the question of whether or not she's had plastic surgery already. There's no denying that she looks much different, much older and more sensual, than she did even a few years ago. Sure, some of that is the face naturally changing with growing -- but some of it is not. I think we all know which part of her body was enhanced through a doctor's office -- and that is her lips. Still, many of her fans are in denial about this. Kylie's latest pic of her lips on Instagram should clear things up??!!


Kylie recently posted a picture of the side of her lips. Here, you can clearly see that her lips jut out of her face -- they are clearly puffed up. Many of her fans have been adamant that Kylie merely using lip liner to line the outside of her lips, making them appear bigger.

Erm, no. You can see they are bigger here from the side view. You can also see they are bigger in pictures where she's barely wearing any lipstick, and certainly not any liner. I wonder why people are so attached to this fantasy? I mean, honestly, can you not SEE the truth before your eyes?!

Kylie also admits to wearing a weave in this photo. Wonder why she can admit that but not the fillers?

Besides, who CARES if Kylie wants to inject her lips with filler -- she didn't kill anyone. Yeah, it's a bit strange that she supposedly wants to be known as the "sister with the big lips" but whatever. I just hope this doesn't become her "thing" for life. Like does she think that this is a career, big lips? That didn't even work for Lisa Rinna.

Also, it's okay to have big inflated lips and still do amazing work in the world. Ask Angelina Jolie. She's got those big lips but is still saving orphans and stuff.

Kylie, it can be about so much more than your lips. Just sayin'.

Do you still think they're real?


Images via KylieJenner/Instagram and KylieJenner/Instagram

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