Aviva Drescher's Plan to 'Save Her Marriage' Is a Complete Joke

aviva drescher

If you thought former Real Housewives of New York star Aviva Drescher was crazy for throwing her prosthetic leg at Le Cirque, she just did us one better. Drescher is claiming that reality TV ruined her marriage. But, wait! That's not even the crazy part! In order to remedy this problem, Drescher is going on -- yep! -- another reality show! This woman!



According to Radar Online, Drescher and her banker husband Reid will appear on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars next year on WE tv. A press release for the show claims, "[Aviva's] affinity for being famous, her cruel new TV friends, and destructive self internet searches are driving a wedge between [she and Reid]. Aviva cannot read a single thing without taking it to heart, and Reid is tired of living in her drama."

I'm sorry. So, why in the hell is she going on TV again then?!

Does Aviva really expect us to buy this nonsense? She could afford the best counselor in New York, if marital problems are really the issue. My guess? She just wants to stay famous. I mean, being that she's willingly making herself public fodder again, won't this only cause more problems in the couple's relationship?

You know, I was a fan of Aviva's on her first season of RHONY. I thought her desire for a ticker tape parade for getting on a plane was a bit much, but I just chalked it up to her being intensely afraid of flying and being a little eccentric. But, the woman really has shown her true colors as of late. Her wild, erratic, and downright nasty behavior this past season made her incredibly unlikable. And now her using the excuse of reality TV ruining her marriage to get on another reality TV show is just gross. I think the best course of action for Aviva is to lay low, leave her television career behind, and focus on really, truly working on her marriage -- if there are even any issues.

What do you think of Aviva going on this wackadoodle reality show?


Image via Aviva Drescher/Instagram

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