Kim Kardashian Hires a Fashion Stylist for North West

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Being that she's one of, if not the, most famous toddlers in the world, it shouldn't come as a major shock that Kim Kardashian's daughter, North West, has her own stylist. But still. Let's be honest, it's a little shocking. According to reports (that prolly should be taken with a grain of salt), Kim and Kanye's 16-month-old daughter has a stylist and tailor who makes sure she's always perfectly coordinating her fashionable mother during public appearances.

Although this, on the one hand, does sound like a bunch of made-up poppycock, it should be noted that Kim and North pretty much always are matching one another -- even if that means the little cutie is sporting black lace that complements her mama's outfit.


Naturally, not long after news of North having a stylist hit the Internet, the negative comments started rolling. "Why should a 16-month-old have a stylist?!" "It's not cute for North dress like her mother. She is not a matching purse!" And while I agree, it is a little, well, ridiculous for a tiny human who poops her pants to have a stylist and tailor on hand, it's Kim's kid and her money.

I don't know too many parents who have ever daydreamed of having a professional who could dress their little one, but then again, these parents aren't as into fashion as Kim and Kanye -- and they're not public figures. Think about it: If you loved clothing as much as Kim does, had as many public appearances as she does, and had her money, wouldn't you get a stylist for your kid, too? Why not!

Again, who knows if this story is true or not, but at the end of the day, any and all parenting decisions Kim makes are going to be criticized. I'm sure if Kim stepped out with North wearing a ratty old shirt and ripped pants, she'd take a virtual beating for being a neglectful. The poor woman can't win. But, hey, at least she and her baby look good!

What do you think of North having a stylist?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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