New OK Go Music Video Is a Human Lite-Brite of Happiness

OK GoYay! A new OK Go music video is here. It's like finding an unexpected gift for your visual pleasure, or at least something to waste time watching on YouTube over and over. I take that back. Watching OK Go videos is never a waste of time. Because they're spectacular.

And "I Won't Let You Down" hits a new level of awesome. The foursome starts out looking like Mormon missionaries with crazy socks on motorized unicycles (just go with it, mmmkay?), but the video progresses to include thousands of choreographed dancers with colored umbrellas -- in one single take.


I don't know how bandmates Damian Kulash, Tim Nordwind, Dan Konopka, and Andy Ross pull off their impressive videos (remember the Rube Goldberg machine in 2010's "This Too Shall Pass," or "The Writing's on the Wall" mind trip from earlier this year?), but I'm going to go with magic.

How else can seated Segways inspire so much awe? Who else can create human Lite-Brites with umbrellas and an empty parking lot and a drone camera?

The band debuted the vid on Monday October 27 on the Today show and shared that it took "approximately 50 to 60 tries to get it right." It was worth it, guys.

Are you a fan of OK Go's insane music videos?


Image via OK Go/YouTube

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