Robert Downey Jr. Has One Condition for Seeing Sarah Jessica Parker Again

Robert Downey, Jr.Can we please just establish once and for all, now and for times that have been and times that will come, that Robert Downey Jr. is just about one of the coolest dudes that ever existed? OK good. Now you're ready for another cool RDJ story of awesomeness.

Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker may be happily married to their respective partners, Susan Downey and Matthew Broderick, but there was a time they dated themselves. And because of that, Downey says he'll only see Parker if Broderick gives his blessing.


The Iron Man actor recently opened up on The Howard Stern Show, about his past with the Sex and the City actress. Stern asked him if Parker had broken his heart when she broke up with him because of his drug and alcohol problems.

"I've never been the kind of person to acknowledge what's going on with me at the time, and I’d try to make light of it, but sure, when you're with someone for seven years, 18 to our mid-20s, it's kind of a big deal," he confessed.

Even though they have been broken up for over two decades, Downey said he'd still make sure to get Broderick's permission to catch up with his ex-girlfriend. "I'll make a point of trying to see her while I"m here. I'd like to,” he said. "I'll ask [Matthew's] permission. I just want to check in for a few minutes. I love Matthew Broderick."

Of course, Howard Stern being Howard Stern, he had to make it sexual. He asked Downey if he ever "pleasured himself to the idea of his ex."

"No, I'd have to ask Matthew's permission," he responded playfully.

But the conversation went downhill from there, because it's Howard Stern, and eventually he crossed the line, because did I mention it's Howard Stern? Downey interjected finally, and said, "First of all, I respect both of them so much, and now we have to get past this conversation. For any situation like this, I think enough time has to pass. You don't have to make a big deal of it when the time is right."

Stern suggested that maybe he just keep it to lunch with Sarah Jessica and Matthew, and Downey didn't miss a beat before responding, "I'd love to have him there. I'll bring Susan. Would you mind coming just to kind of mediate the whole thing? It would be a natural extension seeing as you're a part of the conversation."

Do you think Robert Downey Jr. handled Howard Stern's questions well?


Image via Richie Buxo/Splash News

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