'7th Heaven' Actress Sarah Goldberg Dead at 40 From Natural Causes

Sarah GoldbergActress Sarah Goldberg has died of natural causes at the age of 40. Her mother, Judy Goldberg, told the Chicago Sun-Times that she passed away September 27, when "she went to sleep and didn't wake up." She died at her family's Wisconsin cabin.

She was better known by her stage name, Sarah Danielle Madison, and was best known as Barry Watson's love interest and eventual wife, Sarah Glass Camden, on the popular show 7th Heaven.


How incredibly heartbreaking! How does one die from "natural causes" at such a young age? There doesn't seem to be anything natural at all about dying at 40. While there is no official cause of death, it's suspected to be from a heart condition.

This is not the only sad news we've heard from the former cast of 7th Heaven today. Earlier, it was reported that TV dad Stephen Collins confessed to child molestation. A death of a cast mate and the downfall of another -- what a sucky time.

Goldberg's resume also included roles on Judging Amy, Without a Trace, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, House M.D., but it was for 7th Heaven that she was most recognized.

"She would walk down the street here, or places in Wisconsin, and people would come up to her and say, 'You played the daughter' of the rabbi," Goldberg's mother shared. "She wanted to go to medical school, and instead for three years she played a doctor on 7th Heaven."

Are you surprised to hear that such a young, beautiful, seemingly healthy person has died of natural causes?


Image via Sarah Goldberg/Facebook

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