Hank Baskett's Plan to Win Back Kendra Wilkinson Sounds Ludicrous at Best

Kendra WilkinsonKendra Wilkinson's marriage seems like it couldn't get much worse. Hank Baskett may have cheated on her with a transsexual, she flushed her rings down the toilet, and she can't even say whether or not they will definitely stay together. But Hank thinks he knows how to make things allllll better. No, he can't jump in a time machine, go back to that night in June when he apparently went to visit the buxom Ava Sabrina London, turn around his jeep, and just run right back to where he belongs, with Kendra. A bit too late for that. But what he can do? Renew his vows!


A source tells HollywoodLife.com:

Hank will do whatever he can to save his marriage to Kendra and one way of showing his commitment is by renewing his wedding vows. He wants to have a ceremony and the whole thing. He wants to renew his marriage vows with Kendra and start fresh.

Ideally it would be a holiday wedding or a New Year’s Eve ceremony ... a way to start 2015 with a fresh beginning.

Errrrrmmmmm, let's see, how I can put this ... HANK, RENEWING YOUR WEDDING VOWS DOESN'T MAKE EVERYTHING ALL SHINY AND NEW! You had a transsexual's penis in your hand. (Supposedly.) These things don't just get forgotten because you say "I do" again. What's to make it any different from the "I do" you said before?

If your vows were broken the first time, who is to say they won't be broken the second time? Meanwhile, Hank's "mistress"s polygraph report has been published by RadarOnline and it's pretty damning. She aced her test with flying colors. And these questions are super graphic. (I personally do not believe in polygraph tests, but that's me!)

I'm not saying the couple shouldn't try to work it out if that's what they desire -- but forget the wedding vows. Say them again when things aren't in this kind of turmoil. Say them when you've gotten through this crisis and can really mean them.

"I do ... again" is not another way of saying, "Abracadabra ... make the transsexual disappear!"

Doesn't work that way, my friend.

Do you think renewing their vows will make the marriage all right again?


Image via Kendra_Wilkinson_Baskett/Instagram

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