North West's Odd Nickname for Bruce Jenner Is Concerning on So Many Levels

Bruce Jenner

Yikes! Even though most of us have certain names set aside that we hope our children will call their grandparents, sometimes kids can't help but come up with their own variations on Granny, Grandad, and the like.

But according to Hollywood Life, North West is calling Bruce Jenner "Mama," because that's how she refers to every female in her life these days.

Yep. Mama. Did I mention she supposedly calls all men "Dada"?

Gee. That's not weird. I mean, why should a child be able to distinguish her parents from other adults? (Eye roll.)


Anyhoo, apparently she was recently sitting in Bruce's lap, and she blurted out, "Mama." Now of course the fam is all concerned because OMG even a toddler can see him transforming into a female right before her very eyes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging Bruce for his choices or anything, because it's his right to be whoever he damn well pleases. But don't you think it has to be just a little bit embarrassing to Kim and Kanye that North doesn't even realize he's technically her (step) grandfather, not her grandmother (or whoever?).

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Of course, considering what a jet setter Nori is, maybe she simply doesn't see Bruce enough to know who in the hell he is, regardless of whether he's a man, woman, or something in between the two.

Hmm. Even though he and Kris Jenner are divorcing, he was still a father figure to Kim for a huge chunk of her life, so it's only fitting that Nori get to know him, right?

Yeah, let's go with that. It's much sadder that Nori doesn't even know her own family members well enough to call them the appropriate names. Maybe Kim and Kanye ought to think about sticking a little closer to home for a while instead of dragging Nori all over the globe or leaving her with nannies while they travel. Hey, at least that way, maybe she'll realize she only has one Mama and one Dada. (Baby steps, people.)

Do you think it's strange that North calls Bruce "Mama"?


Image via KROME/Splash News

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