Kim Kardashian Doing Extreme Detox Diet Thanks to Kendall Jenner

Kim Kardashian

Uh-oh. Apparently she simply couldn't resist there being a pastry cart on every single corner in Paris, which is why Kim Kardashian is planning a 10-day detox to get her back on track after "pigging out" during Fashion Week.

According to RadarOnline, poor Kim packed on six pounds while she was over in France. That's totally understandable based on the fact that it's damn near next to impossible to avoid carbs while surrounded by all those goodies.

But I should probably mention lack of willpower wasn't what made Kim kick her diet to the curb.


Nope. Apparently she was all stressed out while visiting Paris, mainly because of Kendall Jenner's success on the runway with her 18-year-old pin-thin body.

Huh. I guess that makes sense. Most moms are guilty of comparing our bodies to those of younger women, and it must be especially tough for Kim to see her own sister strut her stuff on the catwalk.

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But still, she shouldn't be so hard on herself. Hell, anyone would gain a few pounds after a whirlwind trip to Europe, so I'm sure she'll take the weight off in no time if she cleans up her diet and heads back to the gym. She really doesn't need to go to any sort of extreme to slim down, but it sounds like that's exactly what she's planning to do.

And being that she's so much more worldly than the rest of us, Kim has reportedly consulted a French weight loss and "Bodhimaya" detox retreat that's run out of a chateau in Provence to hook her up with a plan to get her figure back. (Come on, no ordinary American juice cleanse will do.)

Of course, it's only a matter of time before she and Kanye find themselves on a plane to another desirable vacation destination again, so Kim probably needs to wake up and realize this is only a temporary fix. But hey, if it makes her feel better about herself, more power to her. Sometimes we all need a bit of a jump start to get us back on a healthier track.

Do you think Kim is obsessed with dieting?


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