Mariah Carey Follows Beyonce’s Example & Hints at Infidelity by Changing Lyrics

Mariah CareyWhat is it with these divas who like to mess with our mind about their marital problems by changing the lyrics in their songs to imply that their husbands are dirty cheating dogs? Beyonce had us all wondering when she sparked a publicity stunt impending divorce rumors by making it seem like Jay Z was running around on her.

Now our girl Mariah Carey is doing it. While she and her hubs are decidedly more split than Jay Z and Queen Bey, there are still tons of rumors to thrown around about the reason behind the breakup. It doesn't help when Mariah changes the lyrics of her songs while performing, to suggest that Nick Cannon cheated on her.


The diva divine was in Tokyo over the weekend, where she performed Billie Holiday's classic "Don't Explain." Of course, she doctored the lyrics a little, which caused an uproar amongst her fans over whether or not she was admitting that she'd been duped by and unfaithful hubby.

TMZ got an audio clip, and it definitely sounds like Carey changed the line "And I know you cheat / Right or wrong, don't matter," to "I know you cheated, motherf--ker." It's quite the update.

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It was confirmed last August that the pair had been "living separate lives" and had been "living in separate houses for a few months," but so far neither has flat out said why exactly it didn't work out, and let's face it -- whenever a marriage falls apart, the first thing most of us speculate about is whether or not someone has been unfaithful.

The truth of the matter is that it doens't always take infidelity to break a marriage apart. Sometimes you grow apart, or "exciting" becomes "chaotic," but whatever the reason, you just can't live with that other person anymore.

Only Mariah and Nick known what caused the downfall of their marriage ... but so long as she keeps dropping hints like this one, we'll probably keep guessing.

Do you think the lyric change was intentional to reflect Mariah's personal relationship with Nick?


Image via Mariah Carey/Instagram

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