Kim Kardashian Celebrates Daughter North With Craziest Piece of Jewelry Ever (PHOTO)

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Kim Kardashian certainly has a penchant for the finer things in life. Trips to exotic places, furs, and of course, jewelry are all part of Kim's world. In terms of the latter, though -- the jewelry -- Kim doesn't only seem to appreciate gigantic, shiny rocks that can be seen from outer space. She also is a fan of jewelry that has the names or initials of her loved ones emblazoned on them. Remember her "KW" earrings? Or her "KW" ring? Or her "Nori" necklace? Well, now Kim has just gone and topped all of her Kanye/North baubles with a nine-finger ring (yep, nine fingers) that reads "North West."

It's definitely not a look for everyone, but it's kind of cute. Check it out:




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Thoughts? Personally, I find any nine-finger ring to be a little ... intense, but I think it's cute how it spells out her daughter's name. Also, if Kim wanted to tone things down a bit, she could always just wear the "N" or the "NW."

Again, Kim seems to be a big fan of jewelry that pays homage to the people she loves in life, and I think that's kind of adorable. My personal favorite of all of her monogrammed jewels is still her "Nori" necklace, though. The rings are definitely fun and different, but like I said, who wants to wear a ring on almost every single finger on their hands? Also, my vote for Kim's next piece of jewelry is a Kris Jenner bracelet. I don't know who I have to talk to to make that happen, but just throwing that out there.

What do you think of Kim's "North West" rings?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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