Teresa Giudice Seriously Annoys 'RHONJ' Castmates With Post-Jail Sentence Antics

teresa giudice

Man, nothing is coming up Teresa Giudice these days. Not long after both Giudices were sentenced to jail time, sometimes-Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember Kim G tweeted horrific things about Teresa. And now Teresa just went and seriously pissed off the rest of the current RHONJ cast, along with Andy Cohen (bad idea!). According to TMZ, Teresa was four hours late to the reunion taping, which took place on Sunday. Sources say that rest of the women were, understandably, fuming at Teresa's tardiness, and at the fact that Tre kept wanting to stop taping once it started because she's "going through a lot."

No doubt, the Giudices are in fact going through a lot, but good lord -- four hours? One to two during this time of duress? Okay, fine. But four? Come on, Teresa.


A source close to Teresa told People that the reality star "is not doing well," and that both she and her husband, Joe, seemed "down, out of it" at the taping. It had to have been extremely hard -- particularly for someone as proud as Teresa -- to have to face castmates and answer questions about everything that's going on while still in the thick of things. But, at the risk of sounding heartless, that's kind of what they signed up for when they agreed to do the show in the first place.

Even though I don't have much sympathy for Teresa and Joe, there is a part of me that does feel bad about what they're going through. With four daughters, it has to be so hard. But when I hear things about how Teresa was four hours late to an engagement she had previously agreed to, that slice of sympathy gets smaller and smaller. You would think Teresa would be on her best behavior right now and attempting not to piss anyone off. Like I said, she's certainly entitled to a little leeway right now, but her impending jail sentence shouldn't give her carte blanche to do whatever she wants. Maybe things will be different after she serves her time?

What do you think of Teresa's sentence? What do you think of her showing up so late to the reunion taping?


Image via Teresa Giudice/Instagram

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