Kate Middleton Being Pressured to Name Her Baby After Camilla Parker Bowles

Kate Middleton

She doesn’t even know the sex of her baby yet, but it looks as though Kate Middleton is being pressured to name her baby after Camilla Parker Bowles.

If this turns out to be true, then for her sake, I really do hope she ends up having a boy ...


According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Camilla is insisting that the Duchess name her unborn child after her so she can somehow mark her legacy in the royal family for generations to come. Apparently, Camilla feels that people only know her as “Prince Charles’ wife” and she wants to somehow make a name for herself by lending it to Kate’s baby.

Um .... ok.

With all these baby name suggestions flying like crazy, I really do hope Kate ends up having a boy, just to avoid all the drama that will come if she does end up choosing a name she and Prince William like rather than a family tradition. When I was pregnant with my second child, I made the mistake of sharing my possible baby names with the women in my family, and their suggestions and criticism drove me nuts! They either vetoed the ones I liked or kept suggesting names that sounded very last century. Sharing my baby names is one mistake I would never make again.

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And while I completely understand that Kate has to follow royal protocol when it comes to naming the future king or queen of the monarchy, the other royals should take a step back and butt out, and that goes for Camilla, too. Kate is already having a tough time trying to get through this first trimester of her pregnancy, and she doesn’t need people nagging her about naming her baby Camilla, Diana, Elizabeth, or what have you. It’s her baby!

Do you think the royal family should stop pressuring Kate with baby name suggestions?

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