George Clooney Bought Amal Alamuddin a Mansion in an Enchanting Place

Some men buy their new wives a bouquet of roses that they thoughtfully have delivered to their honeymoon suite. George Clooney went a teeny, tiny step further.

After spending four days in Venice and hosting a spectacular wedding ceremony, he and Amal Alamuddin apparently had a change in honeymoon plans. Instead of visiting the Seychelles and soaking up the sun, they zipped over to merry old England -- where the actor surprised his new bride with an $8 milion mansion.


Fans of Downton Abbey will get a kick from learning that George and Amal's new adobe is located in Oxfordshire, which is where several scenes from the TV drama are shot. Coincidentally, George is set to appear in a Downton Christmas episode this year. Hmmm ... is that a recurring role we smell?

Amal, whose law practice is based in London, reportedly fell in love with the English countryside and, rumor has it, the two want to have kids and raise a family there.

They love their new house so much that they are actually honeymooning in it -- and, other than to walk the dogs, have barely left the grounds.

Here's what we know about Amal's wedding gift: it features a state-of-the-art spa complex, movie theater and sounds absolutely enormous. It even boasts two separate cottages on the same property so that guests can stay for years and never run into George and Amal. Perfection.

Considering how George owns several properties, including a villa in Lake Como, Italy, these newlyweds don't have to stay in any one place for very long. But it's sweet to hear they may settle down in a rustic and magical setting.

Where would you live if you were George and Amal?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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