Sarah Silverman Channels Joan Rivers & Her Bold Humor on 'SNL' (VIDEO)

sarah silverman joan riversIf anyone could do an incredible comedy skit channeling Joan Rivers it would be Sarah Silverman. And that she did on last night's Saturday Night Live which she hosted along with musical guest Maroon 5. The skit was a roast of celebrities in heaven with Joan (Sarah) roasting other greats that passed on -- Richard Pryor, Ava Gardner, Lucille Ball, Freddie Mercury, Steve Jobs, and Ben Franklin. Eartha Kitt was there, too.

Quite an eclectic mix up there in SNL's heaven. Silverman must have been nervous -- not something we're used to seeing. Joan was her friend and no doubt influenced her greatly. But even with the flubs, the sketch was awesome.



Sarah transformed into Joan well -- nearly capturing her famous voice and hand gestures. It's been only a month since Joan died, so I cannot imagine how emotionally difficult this was for her to perform. Joan would have loved it.

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I thought Adam Levine as Freddie Mercury was fantastic. Joan/Sarah says to him, "You are so gay, even your teeth aren't straight." I think the Levine channeled Freddie with his clothing choice during the musical performance as well. 

Sarah/Joan ribs Ben Franklin (played by Bobby Moynihan) about the clothes he's wearing: "Where did you get that outfit? Forever 1721?" He laughs, but then admits he doesn't know what that means. She adds: "Something tells me those bifocals aren’t the only think bi about you." Ha! He chuckles again, but doesn't know what that means either.

And because we live in a Kardashian-filled world, Sarah/Joan took a moment to salute our favorite family in a joke aimed at Lucille Ball (played by Kate McKinnon). She said she bets she "stuffed more chocolates down your throat than the Kardashians." Oh yes. Yes, she did go there.

What did you think of Sarah as Joan on SNL?


Image via Sarah Silverman/Instagram

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