Mario Lopez Says Terrible Thing About His Ex & Reveals the Age He Lost His Virginity

Mario Lopez has just written a memoir entitled "Just Between Us." And, just between us, some of the things he has to say about his ex Ali Landry are god-awful.

You may recall -- how could anyone forget -- that the TV host was married to the former Miss USA for TWO WEEKS before the actress had the marriage annuled because she found out he cheated on her ... at his bachelor party.

Now, if I were him, I'd probably keep my lips closed when it came to the incident, other than to admit my own fault at not breaking off things sooner instead of humiliating a woman I'd been dating for 6 years in one heck of a horrific way. But the Saved By the Bell actor, whose wife Courtney Mazza gave birth to their second child last year, chose instead to go there. And, just for good measure, he also revealed the tender age he lost his virginity -- hint: most of us were still playing with dolls.


After they walked down the aisle, photos of Mario emerged that showed him getting up close and personal with a woman at his bachelor party. Ali -- and everyone else in the world -- saw the pictures and found out in the worst way possible that her new husband had been unfaithful to her just days before they exchanged vows.

Here's what Mario had to say about it: "I got inebriated and a little too friendly with a young lady."

Um, understatement of the decade?

He also revealed that he "wasn't in love" with Ali -- something he apparently discovered after he slept with someone else but before he got married.

Now, come on, is it really necessary to rub salt into this wound? I'm sure Ali is over it by now, but does any woman really need to hear this just so her ex can sell a couple of books? Have some respect for your former flame and the time she spent dealing with you and STOP talking about this -- UNLESS you repeatedly admit you were a total jerk.

Now that that's out of the way: Mario's virginity. He confesses he began having sex at age 12 -- the day before his 13th birthday, as a matter of fact. Mario reportedly blamed his experience on growing up in the "hood," where he says kids do things fast.

Oh, AND he says he got a girl pregnant in his teens and that he was willing to man up and care for him, but the young woman opted instead to have an abortion.

And that, folks, is your daily dose of Mario Lopez gossip: the bad, the super-bad, and the worst-of-all.

What do you think about Mario's comments about his ex and his virginity?


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