Katy Perry Hosts College Football Show & Makes Everyone Uncomfortable (VIDEO)

katy perryKaty Perry can be a bit odd sometimes. It all adds to her charm and why we endure her songs when they come on the radio. We secretly love them and know all the words. There's just something about her. So it makes sense that people want to have her on their television show, even if it's a sports program.

Katy co-hosted ESPN's College GameDay today. Hilarity ensued. But there were also puzzling and "did that just happen?!" moments.


We can get down with her furry hot pink sweater jersey (looks cozy) and we adore her in those pigtail buns. But the part when she attacks the huge elephant mascot head off host Lee Corso and also throws a corn dog at the camera? So incredibly bizarre.

Is she channeling the antics of ex Russell Brand? Seems a bit madcap even for Katy.

Everyone seemed confused.

Celebrities get cast on things like this for ratings. So the network probably had a big meeting and they decided to ask Katy Perry to be a part of this whole college football thing which I would bet ten manicures that Katy knows very little about. But she did know about Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Trevor Knight -- she thought he was cute so she said live on-air that he should call her.

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Katy also seized the opportunity to mentioned the South Carolina Gamecocks ... leaving out the "game" part. Oh my! This is what they get for this attempt at ratings. Yep. They got ratings. They got me talking about college football -- a topic I do my best to avoid for fear of falling asleep.

I doubt Katy will be hosting any more sports shows in the near future.

What do you think of her antics?


Image via Katy Perry/Instagram

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