Beyonce Posts Makeup-Free Selfie & Cute Photo of Her on Swings With Blue Ivy (PHOTOS)

Beyonce has just completed what was probably one of the most grueling tours of her life with husband Jay-Z. All working moms can empathize with how difficult it is to keep your home life together while putting bacon on the table -- imagine doing that while dealing with gossip about your marriage and impending divorce. Not fun, I'm sure -- though I bet all those gorgeous vacations in Europe and articles of designer clothing help ease the stress.

Bey recently posted photos to Instagram to prove to us the lady is none the worse for wear. In one, she is wearing not a stitch of makeup and looks as fresh as a darn daisy. How does she do that, by the way? Oh, and she's outfitted with a crown of white roses, because that's just how Beyonce rolls.

And the second photo shows us a sweet slice of the singer's life at home with her daughter. She and Blue Ivy look positively blissful as they swing in white bikinis.


We aren't sure what inspired this photo, but how heavenly does Beyonce look? She is a modern goddess:

Now, let's talk about this second photo. Bey had to have planned this, right? Everything about it is perfect. If this photo were an actual, spontaneous one, wouldn't there be fifty toys in the grass in front of them and a toddler screaming at her mom to push her because she's only two and can't push herself yet?

Sigh. Just more proof that everything is perfect in Beyonceland.

What do you think of Beyonce's new photos?


Images via beyonce/Instagram

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