Pamela Anderson's Breast Pops Out Because She Wears Lingerie to Event (PHOTO)

Slip dresses used to be a real fashion statement in ... when was it? 1994? 1995? But the only women who actually wore them outside of the house were teenagers and Courtney Love.

And they were longer than thigh-length. And we sometimes paired them with T-shirts.

I don't think Pamela Anderson had the retro look in mind when she chose the skimpiest, most obviously lingerie-ish dress we've ever seen to a recent event at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. It shouldn't surprise anyone -- including Pamela -- that this dress wasn't going to actually stay on her body for longer than a few minutes. Everyone got a glimpse of her breast, which popped right out of the 47-year-old's cream slip.


So, what's the big deal, right? We've all seen Pam's boobs before. We saw them in Baywatch -- or saw 80 percent of them on the TV show, I should say -- and a great many of us have seen 100 percent of them in Playboy.

I guess the real question here is: why on god's green earth does a woman who has oodles of money and access to great designers continue to wear lingerie outside?

And the answer is: because Pam is 47 and has earned the right to wear whatever she darn well feels like wearing, whether it's our cup of tea or not.

I was super amazed when Pam showed up not long ago with a great, gamine-style haircut and a new, more modest and stylish wardrobe. I thought: cool -- this iconic California babe is going to try French-girl chic for a little bit. Good for her.

But, alas, it didn't last. Her glorious blonde locks are back. Her sex kitten clothes are back.

The Pamela Anderson we all know and love is back.

What do you think of Pam's dress and style here?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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