Charlie Sheen Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Dental Technician

It's been awhile since we've heard much about actor Charlie Sheen -- and we assumed that meant he was holed up in his mansion taking it easy, calming down, and finally enjoying his life as a millionaire.

But no.

Sheen has been accused of sexual assault by a dental technician who says he grabbed her breast, tried to rip off her bra, AND threatened to kill her while he was under nitrous oxide in the dentist's chair last week.


The 49-year-old reportedly jumped out of the chair after Margarita Palestino placed a mask on him to provide him with the gas and shouted, "I'm going to f***ing kill you!" She says he then tried to put the mask on his face -- because it slipped off while he was allegedly being crazy, I assume? -- and grabbed her breast and pulled at her scrubs and bra.

It doesn't get ANY better, I'm afraid.

Palestino says the actor also produced a knife, though it's unclear from where, exactly, and lunged it at her before deciding to instead stab the dental chair. The next part is incredibly bizarre (well, the whole thing is bizarre ... and frightening): the technician claims the dentist told her Sheen was high on crack cocaine, Theradol and alcohol.

Um, come again? So, he was allowed to enter the office, sit in a chair for some kind of dental procedure, AND be alone with this woman while high on a combination of drugs?


Palestino alleges that, when Sheen left the room, "spit covered the walls" and she had to clean it up. She says his personal assistant, who I bet rolls his or her eyes about 100 times a day, gave her $500 and told her, "this is for your troubles."

Sheen's attorney says there is absolutely zero truth in this accusation and that the technician is looking for her 15 minutes of fame. As for the drug rumor, he clears that right up by insisting Sheen was on some pain medication for a shoulder injury and that it didn't mesh with the nitrous oxide.

There was no knife, he says. AND the police haven't arrested Sheen.

So, for now it's anybody's guess what actually happened in that dentist's office.

Do you think this story seems credible and that Sheen would do this?


Image via charliesheen/Instagram

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