Amanda Bynes Will Be Kept on Psychiatric Hold at Least Another Month

Amanda BynesPoor Amanda Bynes. TMZ is reporting that the troubled star is too ill to be released from the psychiatric care facility where she is being involuntarily held. She's been there for 17 days, and if the extension had not been granted, she would've been allowed to leave on her own accord yesterday, October 27.

Her doctors convinced a judge to grant a "30-day extension to her involuntary commitment," saying that she is still "very ill."


Amanda was committed to secure facility on October 10, following a bout of bizarre behavior, including prattling about her supposed 19-year-old fiance who worked in a bait shop, and a microchip in her brain that caused her to "confess" that her father had molested her.

We're heartbroken for the former Nickelodeon star, who seemed to be doing so well after a six-month stint in rehab in 2013, following a 5150 psychiatric hold.

After she was released, she was placed in her parents care, but it's unclear whether or not they'll be able to take care of her again when she's deemed well enough to leave.

Sources told TMZ that her parents have had a change of heart regarding gaining a conservatorship over their 28-year-old daughter, as "Amanda feels betrayed by them for having her committed, so controlling her would be a Herculean effort."

Hopefully Amanda is getting the help she needs.

Do you think keeping Amanda under psychiactric lockdown is the right thing to do?


Image via Hot Gossip Italia/Flickr

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