Keanu Reeves Gets Restraining Order After 'Delusional' Fan Used His Shower

Keanu ReevesMan, it's so annoying when a stranger uses your bathroom to take a shower, isn't it? Well, maybe if you're super famous, like Keanu Reeves. The Matrix actor obtained a temporary restraining order against a female fan stalker, who apparently broke into his house on September 15.

The fangirl allegedly took a shower at the movie star's home, and swam in his pool. Identified as Kerry Colen Raus, Keanu claimed in court documents that she seemed to be under the impression that she had an invitation to enter his abode and make herself at home.


The woman apparently did not make any verbal threats against Reeves, but he stated in court documents that her "delusional belief that I invited her onto my property presents a reasonable threat that she will attempt further trespass into my home or otherwise cause injury to me."

The TRO petition was filed Thursday, October 2, in the Los Angeles Superior Court, and requires Raus to stay at least 100 yards away from Reeves. There will be a hearing on October 22 to determine whether or not to extend the order.

The 47 Ronin star's attorney would like it extended for five years, because of Raus' "harassing, unprivileged and threatening stalking conduct."

Thankfully, Reeves wasn't home when the intruder was discovered. His friend, editor Janey Bergam, found her and called 911. Raus was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold, because apparently it's not considered emotionally healthy to break into movie stars' homes and use their shower and pool.

Would you be freaked out if someone had broken into your home to use your shower?


Image via Lionel Urman/Splash News

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