Kim G's Tweets About Teresa Giudice's Sentencing Show How Vile She Really Is

kim granatell

I'm annoyed with myself for even writing this, as I don't want to give sometimes Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember Kim Granatell -- AKA "Kim G" -- any publicity at all, but I cannot not share this. You guys? Kim G is the absolute worst. Shortly after Teresa Giudice received her prison sentence of 15 months, Granatell fired off a series of incredibly nasty, celebratory tweets.

Regardless of your feelings about the Giudices, there's no denying that Granatell's tweets are just plain nasty. Wow.


It's always been fairly apparent that Granatell is one of the more unpleasant humans walking around on this Earth, but even so, I'm pretty shocked at how mean these tweets are. We get it. You don't like the Giudices, Kim, and are happy they're being punished for their actions (many people feel the same way). But to cruelly and immaturely gloat like this is pretty sick. Haven't they gone through enough? They've got four daughters who could see these tweets. (And lest you forget, you're a mother yourself.)

I wouldn't be surprised if part of Granatell's motivation for doing something so vile was for the sake of publicity (in which case, congratulations). But she was sorely mistaken if she thought anyone would give her a pat on the back for the awful things she wrote. If you're looking for a good (profanity-filled) laugh, check out some of the responses Granatell got on her tweets.

Ugh, talk about low.

What do you think of Kim G's tweets about Teresa?


Image via Bravo

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