Nick Jonas Flaunts Abs & SO Much More in Steamy New Photos

Nick Jonas' new photos are so insanely hot, I have to keep reminding myself he's of legal age. The fact that I am salivating over them may be shameful, but it won't get me tossed into prison, thank god.

Yes, the pictures are THAT bad. And by "bad," I mean good. And by "good," I mean "kind of tasteless and tacky, but yes, I'm going to keep looking at them over and over again and don't judge me, okay?"

If, when you first saw these photos, you figured Nick was posing for an underwear ad, you can't be blamed. Some of them totally remind me of Mark Wahlberg's Calvin Klein photos from back in the day. But then you keep looking .. and looking ... and, oh my goodness, there's one of Nick grabbing himself there. And then another grab shot -- and another! And what is with that shot of his backside -- the one that shows the singer going commando?

Underwear ads are not this hot.


Let's cut to the chase: this is what Nick Jonas looks like without a shirt and pants. Coincidentally, this is also what we suspect Nick Jonas looks like while he's pleasuring himself.

Too much information? Or just enough?

The 22-year-old, who found fame as a teenager with his older brothers, is releasing a solo album entitled Nick Jonas. His publicist likely thought the best course of action to introduce him to the world as an adult singer would be to flaunt his crazy abs in Flaunt magazine.

Mission accomplished. Nick's abs are very, very grown up.

Now, let's talk about why he is grabbing his crouch. Is he trying to make a statement about how satisfied we'll be after listening to his new tracks? Is he reminding us that it's never too late to take your purity ring and toss it way the heck out into the woods somewhere? Just what went on at this photo shoot that resulted in these shots?

Will we ever know? Do we even care?

Do you think these photos of Nick Jonas go too far or do you approve this message? 


Image via nickjonas/Instagram

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