Dianna Agron Takes Bold Step Away From 'Glee' With New Revealing Project (PHOTO)

dianna agronThe wildly popular and sugary sweet show Glee has made many of us transpose that sentiment to its stars. Then we are brought back to reality and see that these celebrities are really just like us -- they take plenty of racy photos for the world to see in fancy men's magazines. Okay, so they are nothing like us in that way. Dianna Agron has proven once again that she is so much more than that character she once played on Glee, and while we want to see her back on the show in more episodes, we are also excited about her new ventures. Particularly her platinum blonde ones.

Dianna has pulled a Lea Michele -- she is showing that she is a talent that isn't just full of glee, and she has the platinum blonde locks, tattoos, and another racy photo shoot to prove it.


Stunning. Twenty-eight-year-old Dianna looks gorgeous and radically different than cheerleader Quinn Fabray. What a curious tattoo on her side. Agron teased this photo on her Instagram saying only that it's for a project she is working on with photographer Brian Bowen Smith, hairstylist Christian Wood, and makeup artist Georgie Eisdell.

Well done team. Dianna looks incredible. I adore the slick pixie cut and the white hair. Quinn who? Glee what?

Because we are such fans of Dianna and her pal Lea Michele, we also know that Lea is distancing herself from the show as well. These women will not be typecast. Lea has a bit part in Sons of Anarchy (wow!) and is known to show off many sexy selfies. Dianna's BFF now lives with her former male gigolo turned love coach boyfriend Matthew Paetz.

What do you think of Dianna's new look and how she is distancing herself from her character on Glee?


Image via Dianna Agron/Instagram

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