Harry Styles Helps Fan Propose to His Girlfriend at One Direction Concert (VIDEO)

One DirectionWhat's the best way to get your girlfriend to say yes to your marriage proposal? Have Harry Styles of One Direction help you out. A few days before the British boy band was set to perform in Atlanta, Bradley Chisenhall started a Twitter campaign to get the Brits to help him propose to his girlfriend Christine Kozlowski.

At the 1D concert on Wednesday, October 1, Styles himself paused the set, and announced, "I have a friend here with us tonight! He's called Bradley."


"Here he is!" the singer exclaimed when the couple was located in the crowd. "Would you like to bring your girlfriend up this way?" he asked.

Chisenhall didn't waste any time getting down on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend, who was Miss Mississippi in 2008. "She said yes!" Styles proclaimed to the crowd, who loudly cheered on the newly engaged couple.

Even better, the band invited the pair to hang out with them on their tour bus after the show. Christine posted this pic, and wrote, "Tour bus stylin with Harry himself. This man is a saint. If you only knew how amazing he made our night and this special proposal- he also saved our night after we had three dead cell phones, no ids, minimal cash, and a lost set of car keys. He just saved our night, and made this the most special night anyone could possibly ask for. Thank you @harrystyles. @beerad4220 and I are blessed beyond measure. Better than words."

And that's the story of how once again, Harry Styles showed himself to be a totally awesome dude.

Would you want a big public proposal like this?


Image via Christine Kozlowski/Instagram

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