14 Celebrity Duos You Never Knew Were Roommates

Jenny Erikson | Oct 7, 2014 Celebrities

Raven Symone and Lindsay Lohan It's hard to imagine our favorite celebrities being anything other than famous, but for most of them, there was a time when they were just regular people (or at least lesser known stars-in-the-making) who needed to pare down on living expenses.

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Easiest way to do that? Get a roommate! Some of these roomies you may have heard of before, like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, or Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams, but some might leave you scratching your head. Hey, young people in show biz gotta do what they gotta do, right?

Here are 12 celebrity duos who were once roommates.


Images via Raven-Symone/Instagram & Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

  • Kiefer Sutherland & Robert Downey Jr.


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    Yup, Iron Man and Jack Bauer were roommates for three years in Los Angeles before making it big. Well, at least Robert Downey Jr. and Keifer Sutherland were. Same difference, right?

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  • Ben Affleck & Matt Damon


    Image via Kevin Winter/Staff/Getty Images

    Remember that little movie these two put together -- Good Will Hunting? Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were roomies while they wrote the script.

  • John Cusack & Jeremy Piven


    Image via Kevin Winter/Staff/Getty Images

    John Cusack and Jeremy Piven may have been childhood friends, growing up together in Evanston, Illinois, but living together in Chicago may have destroyed their friendship.

    When asked how Cusack handled his success, Piven said, "No comment. I mean, you could fill in the blank, I bet."

  • Raven-Symone & Lindsay Lohan


    Images via Raven-Symone/Instagram & Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

    These two former Disney stars once lived together ... sort of. Raven-Symone said about Lindsay Lohan back in 2008, "She paid rent, and she was there probably three times ... she had her clothes in the apartment we were supposed to live in together."

  • Tommy Lee Jones & Al Gore


    Image via Peter Kramer/Staff/Getty Images

    Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were college roommates back in the 1960s at Harvard. They remain close to this day, and Jones called the former VP "a good, caring, loving man" at his nominating convention in 2000.

  • Penn Badgley & Milo Ventimiglia


    Images via Brock Miller/Splash News & Splash News

    The Gossip Girl star lived with the Gilmore Girl star when they were 18 and 28, respectively. Penn Badgley once dished,"When I was 18, my roommate was Milo Ventimiglia, who was 28 at the time ... I used to borrow his ID to get into bars. I've still got it somewhere."

  • Stanley Tucci & Ving Rhames


    Images via Bryan Bedder/Stringer/Getty Images & Matthew Eisman/Stringer/Getty Images

    Stanley Tucci made Ving Rhames the man he is today. When the two were roommates back at SUNY Purchase, it was Tucci who suggested that Irving Rameses Rhames shorten his name. The rest is history.


  • Nikki Reed & Kristen Stewart


    Image via Johns PkI/Splash News

    These Twilight beauties shared space while they were shooting New Moonin Vancouver. Nikki Reed claimed that "Peter Facinelli is a great cook and so he made us pasta." Try not to be too jealous of her and Kristen Stewart.

  • Michael Douglas & Danny DeVito


    Image via Kevin Winter/Staff/Getty Images

    Michael Douglas and Danny Devito shared a tiny New York City apartment in the 1960s, when they were both starting out. DeVito was apparently the Oscar to Douglas' Felix.

    "Michael did the laundry," DeVito once dished, while his old roomie claimed, "Danny was sloppy. No, really, he was a great roommate. It was a magical time. We were getting paid to act!"

  • Amy Smart & Ali Larter


    Image via Splash News

    Ali Larter and Amy Smart met before they became co-stars in the 90s teen insta-classic Varsity Blues. They were introduced as models in Italy, completely hit it off, and decided to move to Los Angeles together to persue acting.

  • Judd Apatow & Adam Sandler


    Image via Jason Merritt/Staff/Getty Images

    What are two young comics trying to make it at the Hollywood Improv to do? Save money by rooming in a tiny apartment in San Fernando Valley. Judd Apatow once likened living with Adam Sandler to living with "the comfortable naked guy at the gym."

  • Christopher Reeve & Robin Williams


    Image via Evan Agostini/Staff/Getty Images

    These two late actors were paired as roommates after being selected as only two of 20 incoming freshman at Julliard in New York City in 1973. Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams became lifelong friends who were described as "closer than brothers."

  • Jude Law & Ewan McGregor


    Images via Janet Mayer/Splash News & VSummers/Splash News

    Although they both hail from Great Britain, Jude Law (English) and Ewan McGregor (Scottish) didn't meet until 1990 in Los Angeles. A director gave them $30 and told them to "get drunk to see what happened."

    They ended up moving in together, and eventually co-founded their own production company called Natural Nylon.

  • Ryan Gosling & Justin Timberlake


    Image via Splash News & R Chiang/Splash News

    Justine Timberlake and Ryan Gosling lived together in the early 90s when they were pre-teens on The Mickey Mouse Club. Don't worry -- JT's mom was there too. That didn't stop the scamps from "stealing" a golf cart to joyride around the set lot though!


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