Jennifer Garner Reveals Gross Reason She Wasn't Invited to George Clooney's Wedding (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are definitely an A-list couple, so it makes sense that they have a bunch of wealthy A-lister friends. Included in that special club? Recently married George Clooney, that's who. You would think that the whole meeting of these industry titans would involve a trip to France, expensive champagne, ball gowns and tuxes, paparazzi, entourages, awards being pelted at their heads, etc. Apparently that was far from the case. Because Jennifer Garner had lice when she first met George Clooney and that's just hilarious.

On The Tonight Show on Wednesday, October 1, she admitted she and her kids had lice and also did an AMAZING impression of Affleck, which she did "with love," as she proclaimed. 

PS: Can you believe this woman is 42?!?


After dealing with the stressful lice situation, which her family has luckily only experienced once, she told Jimmy Fallon that Ben apparently said to her, "Hey, um, there's a party, I wanna go, let's go." Her impression ... wow. Gotta love it.

She continued, "I said, 'I can't, I need to shower. I mean, I'm in, like, cargo pants, and I'm nasty.' And he's like, 'Come on, I mean, we have a babysitter, come with me, I want you to go with me!'"

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How could you deny going to a party with Ben Affleck? Garner couldn't resist. "So ... I go with him, because he acted like I was gonna be high-maintenance! I don't want to ever be called high-maintenance -- I am not a high-maintenance chick," she reassured Fallon. "So we go, we show up, and the first person I see is George Clooney! And I'd never met George Clooney! And I was kinda like, 'He's so handsome! Oh my god!'"

But then he got a whiff of her lice shampoo. Poor Jen!!

Check it out:

Guess this explains why Ben and Jennifer weren't invited to the wedding! Kidding -- obviously her family's lice situation has cleared up by now. We can only hope, at least. But still, meeting George Clooney for the first time with head lice -- now that's a story. Oh man, let's hope Ben and Jen defy the odds and stay together; they do seem ridiculously cute!

What would you do if you met George Clooney while you had head lice? This is serious stuff, people.


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